My journey began as a civil engineer and when I stepped into the corporate world with undying learning attitude, I got opportunities to interact with many great minds and realized that a person can achieve everything if he finds true guidance, motivation and meaning of life.

With the vision of "SHAPING YOUTH FOR BETTER NATION" i am stepping forward to help those who really wants to do something extraordinary in their life, who are serious about their life and wants to know the true meaning of life.

As a part of my social responsiblity, i have started "KAMLA PANCHAM FOUNDATION" , an NGO to make our nation great through proper guidence to the peoples.

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My mission & vision

“ Every person starts his journey as a student, an employee or an entrepreneur and if we are up to develop a better future for upcoming generations or, for any individual, it's necessary to guide them and to share our experiences to them so they can overcome their fears, evolve as a better human and make their dreams come true and i am executing this my motivational sessions for students, adults and senior citizens. ”


Nation building refers to the process of engaging all the citizens in the development of the nation. The future as well as the present of our country is in the hands of its youths. So, the contribution of youth is important in structuring the nation.

Youth is the time when innovative and creative thoughts and ideas pop up in mind and which shape up the community and the nation we live in.They are more enthusiastic and energetic and if their potential is used in the right direction they can ensure rapid progress.

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