Our responsibility towards enviroment

Modern development and growing industry has affected our environment. Especially, furniture industry has direct impact on our ecosystem because it consumes the greener part of it. And secondly, the chemicals used in furniture also impact the environment.

So, today when the environmental balance has reached at critical level, the furniture industry should take on the responsibility and have to put its part to save our mother Earth.

K International as a small part of the huge furniture industry ensures that its products have least impact on ecosystem.

Manufacturing, selling and encouraging people to use the products made of fast growing wood species.

Discouraging the use of more exotic and endangered wood species which can’t be replenished easily.

Encouraging use of ‘engineered wood products’ instead of natural wood.

Incorporating metals and composite materials into our designs to give our products longer life span with enhanced aesthetics.


Waste management

Discouraging use of products with high level emissions of volatile organic compounds.

Ensuring the procedures to cut down emission of harmful compounds.

Giving priority, in procuring raw materials, to those establishments which are following environment-friendly systems in making their products.

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