Chimneys K International kitchens come with come with variety of features. You can have the one which suits to you the most. ERGONOMIC DESIGNS:  your kitchen is the most intensively used space and the place where you spend more time. So, thoughtful planning and careful design is essential for it

At K International, we design the kitchens which allow you to move smoothly from task to task in a logical sequence and to work comfortably, safely, and efficiently.We keep the ‘work triangle’ as small as comfortably possible, so that, the distance between cooker, fridge and sink should be minimum without sacrificing the workability.
We adhere to, while designing, most advanced scientific researches and systems to reduce the physical stress and strain during the usage of kitchen. We design to enhance the functionality and usability of your kitchen space.
And, we do all this technical work without undermining the aesthetics.

  • METAL BASED FRAMEWORK: K International kitchens are provided with metal framework for base cabinets which gives them sturdiness and longer life. Unlike wooden cabinets, this framework is not damaged by moisture. And non-rusting metals like aluminum and stainless steel are used in it.
  • OXY-FRESH:  base framework is designed in such a way that it allows inter-cabinet air circulation which keeps your kitchen free of foul odour.
  • MULTIPURPOSE STORAGE UNITS: store anything you want. Their availability in different sizes gives freedom to store with specification.
  • LARGE STORAGE UNITS: you need not to worry for storage. At K International we have taken care of that. You can choose from different multi-layered storage giants:-
  • STRAIGHT PULL OUT LARDER UNIT: this multi-shelf unit comes with unique and strongly built frame integrated with mechanism to make it glide softly with the load capacity upto whopping 100 kgs. The shelves can be adjusted according to requirement.
  • ROTO:  this is the advanced version of larder unit. With all features of its predecessor it comes with ‘roto’ feature. This allows you to rotate it upto 90 degree around its axis. so, both sides can be turned to front to have everything at your hand immediately.
  • MULTI-BASKET TALL UNIT: unlike larder units, all the baskets don’t come out at the same time. Here you can pull out what you want, leaving the rest enclosed in the cabinet.
  • PANTRY UNITS: This unit offers completely new option for storage. It has two units behind single door—one inserted into cabinet and other attached to the door. The advanced pull-out system triggers the rear shelves automatically to come towards user with the opening of door.
  • SEE TROUGH: this medium height glass unit offers another smart storage option for your expensive and designer crockery. This cabinet is showpiece in itself. Equipped with the glass shelves when illuminated with coloured lights adds glamour to your kitchen.
  • CORNER SPACE UTILIZATION: corner will be no more a dead space in your kitchen. K International provide highly functional and elegant systems for utilizing corner space:
  • CAROUSELS: these wonderfully designed units provide easy access to every nook and corner in kitchen allowing us to use corner space to the maximum.

These come with two height adjustable curved baskets attached to a pole, that allows them to swivel and every item placed inside is well within reach.
They come in three variants:

  • Full round
  • ½  round
  • ¾  round
  • MAGIC CORNER:  this is a great piece of mechanism. Yet another wonderfully designed corner unit with four baskets attached to sliders in such a manner that allows all the baskets to be pulled out completely through a single door opening.
  • S CAROUSEL: deep corners have been a great reason for your back strains. Here comes a solution with high degree of space utilization and perfect functionality. It swings all the way out of cabinet bringing even last innermost piece of storage to your hand. So, say good bye to back strains.
  • DRAWERS FOR CORNERS: you want all the cabinets to be comprised of drawers only, there is no need to worry for corners, we are having drawers for corners too.
  • SMART SYSTEMS: in our techno-obsessed generation, kitchens are also getting hi-tech. t K International we keep on imbibing new technologies to give you the best and the latest:-
  • SOFT CLOSING HEAVY DUTY DRAWERS: designed to give you peace of mind, these drawer systems have weight capacity upto 70 kgs and silent systems.
  • LIFT UP SYSTEMS: conventional shocker systems have given way to high-tech systems for lifting cabinet doors. They are easy to use and lift shutter in style. They come with soft closing mechanisms—so, just drop it down and leave the rest to it.
  • VERTICAL DRAWERS: these wall mounted drawers come with different fittings, viz., screen fitting, tool fitting etc.
  • PUSH OPEN SYSTEMS: got sick of handles, don’t worry, we have handle-less kitchen for you. Thanks to push open systems. Now, you can open your drawers and doors with a simple push only.

So, don’t pull the drawers, just push them.

  • POWER DRIVEN DRWERS: these handle-less drawers are driven by electromagnetic systems. They can sense the slightest touch and glide out gently without any noise.           
  • ROLLING SHUTTERS: enjoy new space saving functionality of roll-up shutters in your kitchen. They come in different finishes and colours.
  • UNIQUE DESIGNS FOR SPECIAL PURPOSES: there is a huge variety in the stuff you use in kitchen and you have to try hard to keep them organized, so that they remain handy while cooking. At K International we have unique solution for every problem of your kitchen:-
  • FOR CUTLERY: it is quite difficult to avoid these small yet very important pieces of kitchenware from getting lost here and there. Our cutlery organizers have customized partitions to hold differently sized cutlery in organized manner. There are many variants of this organizer:-
  • Stainless steel wire mess
  • Stainless steel perforated sheet
  • Acrylic
  • Wooden
  • FOR PLATES:  specially developed designs for organizing plates and thalis.
  • Stainless steel plate basket
  • Organizer
  • FOR CUPS AND SAUCERS: specially designed to keep them intact.
  • GLASS TRAY PLATE TRAY: these specially designed trays allow wet washed utensils to shed the access water into the drip try which is fixed under the unit.
  • BOTTLE PULL-OUT: perfect storage solution for virtually all the items of your kitchen, such as bottles, cans, plastic containers, glass jars, boxes etc. mounted on heavy sliders, these units are easy in operation through a single door pullout, providing maximum use of space.
  • EXTRA LARGE DRAWERS: you have extra large utensils and containers, and we have the solution ---- extra wide drawers and extra deep drawers.

         STORE EXTRA !                  

  • OVEN CABINET: you need your counter top free, but where to keep microwave. We have the specially designed cabinet for it. Mounted on wall at operating height, this cabinet, has additional cabinet for storage too.
  • OPEN CABINETS: some jars of frequent use are to be handy. These all side coloured wall-mounted cabinets serve the purpose. Now, you need not to open the door every time.
  • CREATING EXTRA SPACE: you have all the cabinets and drawers fixed, but, you need more space for storage and that too with style. Not to worry, we have the solutions:-
  • RAIL SYSTEM: this is combination of rail and hanging accessories. Rail is fixed on wall and a number of accessories can be hanged on it as per the requirement, viz., knife holder, magazine holder, ladle cradle etc.
  • POLE SYSTEM: this free standing pole with attached multi-utility baskets gives the extra space in style.
  • HANGING SYSTEM: you can utilize your ceiling also for storage. We have the accessories which are hung from ceiling.


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