Chimneys Shutters are the face of your kitchen and wardrobe, and, they are responsible for giving the overall looks to it. Shutters reflect the most of you, the type of shutter, you choose, reflects your lifestyle.

          At K International, we offer the array of shutters for you to choose according to your way of living.

  • SOLID WOOD SHUTTERS: available in variety wood options and designs, these are made from acclimatized wood to suit the humidity of your kitchen.
  • VINEER SHUTTERS: vineers adhered to the front and back of substrate of plywood or MDF under high pressure to give them longer life. They come in variety of finishes.
  • LAMINATED SHUTTERS: these shutters are made by bonding high pressure melamine toughened laminates to plywood substrates. They come in variety of colours and patterns including metallic and wooden effects.
  • MEMBRANE SHUTTERS: made by bonding PVC foil with MDF/ plywood substrates. Unlike the laminated doors, a variety of grouted patterns are available in these doors in different colours.
  • LACQUERED SHUTTERS:  these high-end quality doors are available in variety of colours in suede and mirror like glossy finishes. A number of coats are built up on the substrate to give tough and resilient finish.
  • GLASS DOORS: made from the toughened glass come in variety of designs. They are available in various forms like:-
  • Glass as centre panel
  • Glass with metal profiles
  • Whole glass
  • FIVE PIECE PROFILE SHUTTERS:  these are versatile state-of-art products with stunning performance. Made of MDF wrapped with PVC foil with superior hot melt adhesive, these shutters are very durable and good looking.


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